Ugg Express is celebrating its five-year anniversary of its online store with a giveaway campaign. 

The Giving H(UGGS) competition will see the business giveaway five pairs of Australian Shepherd Mini Ugg Boots to one lucky winner. 

The boots are made from Australian sheepskin and have a total value of $875. 

Speaking on the competition, Ugg Express said it also wanted to celebrate the reuniting of families, following the reopening of international borders. 

"As international travel is finally on the cards and the borders have reopened, many Australians who haven’t seen their loved ones for weeks, months, or even years are finally able to meet up and give that special someone a warm hug.

"That is why our giveaway of giving away H(UGGS) couldn’t come at a better time," the business said. 

In addition to the giveaway, Ugg Express has also launched an anniversary sale which sees five of its most popular styles go on sale. 

Ugg Express is a 30-year-old Sydney-based manufacturer and retailer of shoes and accessories. 

The business ships its product directly from its Melbourne and Sydney warehouses. 

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