• Karina Utomo - Vocalist High Tension
    Karina Utomo - Vocalist High Tension

Dr. Martens has launched a new campaign, Tough As You, with Australian singer Karina Utomo as its Australian ambassador. 

The vocalist of Australian metal band High Tension was announced as the ambassador for the campaign which celebrates individual moments of resilience. 

The campaign aims to highlight Docs wearers and the ways in which they've fought back against adversity. 

From a young age, Utomo faced mass violence and limited freedom in Indonesia during the May 1998 riots and the demise of the Suharto regime. 

Despite being discouraged to sing, Utomo discovered hardcore culture in Canberra and was inspired by underground Indonesian artists in the post-Suharto era. Utomo's music covers topics such as inter-generational trauma and the dark history of Indonesia. 

Utomo said that the challenges she's encountered have enriched her life. 

"Resilience means a lot of things to me. It’s determination. It’s ignoring the superficial noises that take you off your path and what you’re working toward.

"In life, boundaries are always going to exist. It’s about finding a way to navigate around them to keep moving forward.

"If I didn’t have the resilience to push through all the boundaries I’ve faced, then I don’t think my life would be as enriched as it is." 

Utomo joins global ambassadors Nakhane Touré, Sarah Lu, Blaine Harrison and Sistren who will each share their stories of resilience through a series of content, designed to encourage people the strength to tackle challenges in their own lives. 

The Dr. Martens Tough As You campaign launches globally in September. 

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