Cotton On Group has released its first vegan footwear styles. 

The retailer's first PETA-approved vegan-friendly shoe options are the women's sneakers, Rex slides and thongs. 

PETA-approved vegan means that the product is not tested on animals, uses non-animal materials and no animal derived ingredients – such as glue – are used in any part of the production process.

Cotton On footwear and accessories buying manager Venessa Zylka said that the business is thrilled to offer vegan styles to its customers. 

"It’s a really exciting time in the industry and we’re working closely with our suppliers, buyers and designers, sharing new innovations and ideas to build new initiatives together," she said. 

Cotton On Group added that the vegan products will be consistently checked to ensure that the products meet the requirements.  

"It’s all about giving our customer a choice.

"We know that just like us, Cotton On Group customers shop with a conscious mind and genuinely care about their environment and the world around them – which is why our product teams will keep working to make innovative, sustainable and animal friendly products happen. 

"Our teams will continue to work closely with our suppliers to make sure that every single one of our vegan friendly products are checked at every step.

"From the mills where our fabrics are spun to the factories where our products are produced, vegan testing and spot checks are conducted in our factories to make sure that everything that goes into them is 100% vegan," the business said. 

Cotton On is set to expand its vegan product offering further to include belts, bags and accessories. 

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