Converse is driving the footwear circularity conversation forward, opening Renew Labs Fitzroy, a retail experience that encourages Aussies to renew, rethink, reuse and reimagine the shoes and clothes that they currently own.

Working to discourage throwing away footwear and clothing, the Renew Lab showcases creativity, co-creation, inclusive ideation and the continuance of a waste-less future for the world. 

The Renew Lab will host creative workshops where customers will be able to customise their Chucks with patches, embroidery and eco-friendly dyes, alongside opportunities to refresh with cleaning, repair, and renew services. 


"Centred around the Converse Renew product range and a business model that's purpose is to extend the life of our products, we challenge the status quo," Converse said in a statement. 

"Our foundation is a circular design principle that guides Renew products, as each shoe leads the next in reducing its impact on the planet.

"When we break barriers of culture, style, and innovation, we construct new," the brand said. 

To bring the store to life, Converse consulted its All Stars - a global community of creatives driving progress and innovation through grassroots programs. 

Aussie innovators Tamara Leacock, Joshua Space, Callum Preston, Precious Plastic and TreadLightly used their practice to transform the inside of Renew Labs. 

Space installed planters crafted from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste, Preston created a mix-medium feature wall that doubles as a display unit for Renew products, and Precious Plastic constructed the shoe shelves in Renew Labs from recycled plastic. 

Additionally, the store itself will act as a designated collection point for any pre-loved sports shoes that can't be renewed through TreadLightly's initiative. 


Before the store opened, Leacock hosted the first Renew Lab workshop for her brand R E M U S E Designs, which uses low-impact dye techniques and other environmentally friendly customisation practices.

Renew Labs Fitzroy is open now, with limited-edition customised Chuck 70s, an apparel collection that highlight Leacock's custom indigo dye treatment and the full Converse Renew collection. 

"At its core, Renew Labs was born from who we are, who we serve and the future we all want to see," Converse added. 

"It sits close to the values of our customers, building an even deeper relationship with them.

"We create not only what is new for them, but for us. Forever questioning what we have, and how it can go further.

"New ways to Renew," the brand said. 


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