Melbourne-born footwear label Aquila has launched its latest campaign with NRL star Benji Marshall as the first talent to be announced in the line-up. 

The 'Real Guys, Real Good Shoes' campaign will run for four months and will highlight different men from all walks of life throughout the duration. The campaign's ethos is, "no flashy sets. No airbrushed models. Just Real Guys, and Real Good Shoes."

Aquila CEO Luke Longo said that the new campaign will appeal to all men. 

"We are excited to have Benji in our line-up of ‘Real Guys’ in this season’s campaign.

"We think he is a perfect fit – just a down-to-earth, real guy who achieves extraordinary things – but starts the day the same way we all do, by pulling on a great pair of shoes and walking out the door.

"Our latest campaign is for all men, from all walks of life.

"We are honoured to be working with some incredible guys across the next four months, from high-flying football stars to the pros of the food, street art and grooming scenes," he said. 

On the Aquila website the campaign comes equipped with digital content from written interviews to the star's picks, while social media incorporates videos and campaign images. 

The campaign went live in Aquila stores nationwide and online on September 02.

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