New Zealand-born footwear brand Allbirds has released a new line of socks made from a new sustainable yarn called Trino. 

The Trino yarn combines Allbirds' sustainable Tree and Merino materials, making the socks breathable and absorbent. 

Even though the shoes are designed to be worn without socks, after doing research the business found that 50% of its customers wear socks with their Allbirds shoes. 

In a statement, Allbirds said that it wanted to allow its customers to wear sustainable socks with their sustainable shoes. 

"We started thinking, is it really fair that only half of our customers feel complete, unencumbered Allbirds comfort when they put on our shoes?

"No matter how people wear their ‘Birds, we wanted to make sure they could experience our natural materials through-and-through." 

The Hiders (a no-show sock), Quarters (in-between sock), and Tubers (classic crew sock) will be available in six colours Waterfall, Steel, Onyx, Sienna, Flamingo and Canary.

The Tubers' will retail for $26, the Hiders' will retail for $18 and the Quarters' will retail for $22. 

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