In this episode, LK Group executive Larry Kestelman discusses investing in fashion businesses and changes he sees in consumer behaviour over the next 12 to 18 months.

We start by discussing Larry's approach to investing in fashion businesses, the key things LK Group can bring and the importance of maintaining brands. We then review the impacts COVID has had on fashion businesses along with the lessons learned and changes made to continue operating.

Larry also stresses that it is not enough to be in love with fashion, highlighting the need to monitor buying trends and adjust accordingly. He also provides his views on how the Australian retail market will respond to the easing of restrictions, this year's Black Friday event and Christmas.

The discussion then moves on to balancing online and physical presence, determining where to locate stores and LK Group's willingness to invest for long term growth rather than short term gain. This leads to a general discussion on private equity and the importance of understanding how it operates if you're considering selling to a private equity firm.

We wrap up the episode with Larry's future plans for the brands they own, how they plan to grow them and the potential for acquiring others.

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