In this episode, ACTA CEO Richard Facioni reveals how retail groups are navigating the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

We start by reviewing Richard's business experience, the retail brands he has invested in and how each of them has evolved through the pandemic to serve an ever-changing client base, including the opportunities and restrictions lockdowns have brought to fashion-focused retailers. Richard reveals how his brands have reduced revenues and increased profits despite closing over 200 physical stores.

The discussion also identifies the maturing of customer trends and needs that can be met through collaborative efforts, personalised experiences and the judicious combination of online and offline shopping. Furthermore, we touch upon customer structures that have changed permanently and those that may revert to their pre-COVID forms.

We wrap up the episode with a discussion of the pandemic's unpredictable and different effects on brands as well as a comparison of consumer changes during lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. Richard also gives keen insights into the varied aspects of the fashion retail industry from both the online and physical worlds.

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