The rise of AI is happening at breakneck speed, so much so that Charles Darwin University associate professor Niusha Shafiabady is calling on practically everyone to not only accept it, but to take it on and make it work, lest our roles become redundant.

“If I were a fashion designer or a pattern maker, I would start thinking about how I can produce appealing and unique designs while leveraging AI tools," Shafiabady said.

“If I couldn’t compete with the AI tools, I would make a change in my career.”

The same could be said for practically any other technology related to the fashion industry, including online and social media.

However, despite the challenge of change, many leaders within Australian fashion are already pioneering new business models thanks to these emerging technologies. And this is precisely what Ragtrader's Tech 20 list for 2024 is celebrating.

Discover the leaders in Australia's pioneering technology-led strategies in the Australian fashion industry.


The list is sponsored by creative design software developer Adobe.

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