Ragtrader hosted a Breakfast of Big Ideas on June 26 this week with the aim to bring fashion leaders out of the retail rut, no matter how terrible the current landscape looks.

The event held four powerhouse sessions featuring some of the top fashion industry leaders in 2024.

Check out the gallery above and rediscover the program highlights below.

8:00am Registration

8:40am Opening address

8:45am Session - Challenge: Navigate through tough times

Marquee Retail Group chairman Bernie Brookes, Tigerlily former CEO Travis Wright

Australian fashion retailers are trading in an environment marked by rising costs, falling consumer spending and an uncertain macroeconomic outlook. Marquee Retail Group and Tigerlily are among businesses which have appointed voluntary administrators this year as they navigate through these tougher conditions. In a candid, insightful and ultimately inspiring session, leaders from both businesses identify the challenges they’ve faced and the strategies, insights and lessons for all businesses moving forward.

9:10am Session - Change: What’s the retail road ahead?

Mosaic Brands CEO Erica Berchtold, Alquemie Group CEO Scott Evans

As retailers stand at the cusp of significant shifts in market dynamics and consumer behaviour, the retail roadmap has never been more uncertain. Gain valuable insights from two of the country’s most seasoned fashion retail leaders as they discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector this year, alongside strategies for staying ahead in a rapidly changing market. With their businesses representing a significant share of Australia’s $27 billion a year economy, their well-informed perspectives will help shape actionable retail strategies.

9:35am Session - Comeback: Bring a brand back to life

R.M.Williams CEO Paul Grosmann, Seafolly CEO Brendan Santamaria

In a world of constant change and evolving consumer preferences, how can retail leaders identify and define a brand’s unique value proposition? In this highly tactical session, two retail CEOs reveal how they are transforming Australia’s most iconic brands to differentiate in a competitive market. The discussion will explore practical approaches for defining a brand’s USP and innovate strategically through new products, services and business models that align with the brand’s heritage while meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

10:00am Session - Conquer: Turn an idea into a successful empire

Modibodi founder Kristy Chong, Glow Capital Partners partner Justin Ryan

One is a trailblazing entrepreneur who founded a business that sold for $140 million and became a women-led investor. The other is a private equity pioneer with a talent for finding high growth and future focused companies. So what’s their playbook on building and scaling a successful venture? And what’s the investment outlook for Australian apparel brands? Make informed decisions and drive outcomes through hearing this open-book conversation on entrepreneurship, investing and capitalising on growth opportunities. 

10:25am Post-sessions networking

11:00am Event finishes

The event will be hosted by Ragtrader publisher Assia Benmedjdoub.

Ragtrader's Breakfast of Big Ideas is backed by 10 sponsors, with RAMP as Platinum Sponsor, Smart In Planning as Gold, and eight Silver sponsors including Afterpay, Apparel 21, Brandscope, Newstore, Reload Media, Seko, Viare, and Zero Risk.

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