In an Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) special, asks key buyers about trade, trends and what's on their agenda. First up is Net-A-Porter market director Libby Page, who reveals the top Australian fashion brands at Net-A-Porter this year.

Can you share the top Australian designer brands that Net-A-Porter currently stocks?

We stock a number of Australian brands of which Aje, St.Agni, Christopher Esber, and Zimmermann are the most popular amongst the Net-A-Porter customer.

Aje, presents compelling-priced occasion wear that blends statement dressing with an effortless sensibility. The fit and fabrications from the brand are excellent price value. We saw sell-out success from their strapless red rose appliqued dress, very in-tune with the Met Gala’s garden-of-time theme.

Christopher Esber has garnered a devoted following with his distinctive attention to detail and sculptural cuttings. By skillfully combining masculine and feminine elements, he creates contemporary pieces that are incredibly versatile, appealing to a wide range of fashion-forward individuals. His shoes have also become a cult item that we love.

Zimmermann, on the other hand, captivates with their vibrant, optimistic and feminine silhouettes, offering the go-to wardrobe that meets our customers’ desires. Their designs exude joy and are perfect for those seeking both style and functionality.

And lastly, St.Agni, their easy, everyday essentials with a fashion-forward point of view are part of our Net Sustain offer, great, conscious fashion at a strong price.

What designer collections are you most looking forward to seeing at AFW this year?

Next Gen is one I’m looking forward to seeing as Australia has always been a strong resource for emerging talent. I love how community-driven everyone is during Australia Fashion Week and how the locals love to wear and support local designers.

In terms of product categories, we’re looking for a modern dress resource that isn’t resort wear, a brand that offers dresses that can be worn at any time of day, for any occasion and in non-apparel there is also opportunity, we have an offering of St. Agni footwear and we love A.Emery but feel there is appetite and room in the Australian market for further contemporary non-apparel.

How do you approach the selection process when deciding which collections to invest in?

Everything we do starts with the customer; we think about what they’re searching for and shopping and ensure that anything we buy aligns with their needs. We then identify the gaps in our assortment that need filling and from there we scout brands. We always make sure that brands fill a void in our assortment; we aren’t looking to layer on newness that competes with anything in our existing portfolio. Then once we have found the brand, we approach the selection based on the strongest product and the categories that are trending for us.

What do you predict will be the next big fashion trend?

For Fall Winter 24 we saw a return to Ladylike fashion and silhouettes and I am anticipating that will continue into Resort 2025. Lots of black, figure-hugging shapes that enhance the female form and make women feel confident.

As an industry, we are moving more and more away from broad trends but rather seeing singular items soar and reach the masses, I anticipate that’ll continue for the next six months.

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