International sustainable label Zavi will make its local debut at Fashion Exposed Now this weekend.

Launched online at the end of 2019, the brand offers men's and women's fashion from natural fibres.

Designed by founder Vibhuti Vazirani, Zabi uses fabrics such as 100% hemp, organic cotton, bamboo blends, vegan silk, pro-viscose and lyocell.

Vazirani said she plans to be highly vocal in her opposition to fast fashion.

“Australia is a highly conscious society in terms of environment, health and sustainability,” she said.

“The biggest challenge in the industry is converting awareness about sustainable fashion to action; Zavi is my personal mission to fight fast fashion and change buyer patterns, one design at a time."

She said consumers should be wary of imitations.

“There are a number of brands in Australia that claim to be eco-friendly, however only a handful are actually 100% sustainable, with the rest using poly and synthetic blends.

"For the select few that are sustainable, the price tag often dissuades buyers from shopping responsibly.

"Choosing the inexpensive option may save money in the short-term, but can ultimately affect your life’s quality, and length."

The brand offers ranges for casual dressing, activewear and business attire for both the sexes, with fresh lines dropping every three to four weeks.

Block colours are the mainstay, with a muted tonal palette of nudes, pastels, charcoals, blacks and whites.

Accents of colour are given with shades of cerise pink, emerald green, olive green and lemon yellow, and occasional metallic trims.

Statement peace silk shirts and cocktail dresses come in an array of colourways for women, while tailored hemp shirts and organic knit shorts are a staple in the men’s collection.

The brand's athleisure and selected knit collections supplement natural fibres with 2% - 8% Lycra and spandex blends for required stretch.

Women’s sizing ranges from XS – XL, and spans S-XL for men, with woven bottoms in 32 – 44. Prices range between $80 - $300.

Vazirani plans to launch The Basics Store by Zavi in mid-2020.

With all pieces available for under $100, the sustainable diffusion line aims to be an alternative to polyester based fast fashion brands.

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