Wittner details how else it is re-establishing itself, following the launch of its Established campaign. 

Aside from the Established collection, how else is the business re-establishing itself?

The business is refocusing on its key pillars and core beliefs and making sure that at every touchpoint the customer is put first.

The goal here is to relate to our original offering of good old fashioned customer service and ensure we are driving that forward in a relatable way for the modern consumer.

This includes prioritising the areas that have become increasingly important to our customers such as sustainability, corporate responsibility and inclusivity.

Why has the business embarked on this re-establishment mission? What were the driving factors to do it?

The Established campaign marks a new chapter for Wittner, taking customers on a fashion exploration through six key trends that make dressing from the feet up an experience again.

Content manager Matthew Sposaro says, "I think every company has had to do some sort of rebuild due to COVID, we’re a heritage brand, so we are constantly reinventing ourselves to stay relevant.

"However, the impact of the pandemic has made this evolution even more necessary as consumer needs have changed." 

What are some key goals for the future? How is Wittner progressing towards these?

Our goal for the future is to hone in on our customers wants and needs and make sure we are supporting her every step of the way.

From product to in-store to our online channels shopping with Wittner should always be a premium experience and we just want to make this better and better.

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