• Mills and York founders - Annabel Lott and Sophie Gunnersen
    Mills and York founders - Annabel Lott and Sophie Gunnersen

Melbourne-based peer-to-peer luxury fashion platform Mills & York is set to support Second Hand September. 

Following its recent launch, the platform's founders Annabel Lott and Sophie Gunnersen will encourage Aussies to pledge to only to shop second hand for 30 days, joining thousands of people across the globe.

Pending lockdown, Mills & York are hoping to share this message in real life, by hosting a handbag, shoe, jewellery and accessory pop-up and information day in the Melbourne CBD in September. 

Mills & York co-founder Annabel Lott said the business was thrilled to participate in the movement. 

"We are excited to make a mark in sustainable fashion in Australia and help shape attitudes towards dressing in the age of over-consumption and help to de-stigmatise the ‘ick’ factor of pre-loved fashion.

"Our peer-to-peer offering allows members to rent, lend or buy from a person who could be literally living in your street," she said. 

The Mills & York platform houses pre-loved luxury fashion from brands including Saint Laurent, Hermes, Gucci, Acne, Rotate Birger and Proenza Schouler. 

Co-founder Sophie Gunnersen added that giving new life to pre-loved pieces was a key driver for the launch of Mills & York. 

"A vision of a future where preloved items are given a circular life is important to us.

"Extending the life of what exists, while reducing waste, as well as positively impacting shopping behaviour continues to be our main business driver and source of inspiration for Mills & York," she said. 

Mills & York's #SecondHandSeptember campaign kicks off on Thursday September 02 and 5% of profits for the month will be donated to Oxfam Aus.

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