Australian online footwear retailer The Next Pair is expecting a minimum growth in revenue of 75 per cent this year since its launch in 2014.

The site has also reported a 350 per cent increase in traffic compared to this time last year, with founder Alex Hsu attributing the surge to a 'less is more' approach.

“We invested in one major campaign which was television ads but the rest has been organic, digital pay per click, social media and public relations.”

Hsu previously headed an IT business before honing in on a major gap in the footwear market.

“I already had an IT business that I owned with a group of school friends.

“When I was travelling, I had a lightbulb moment.

“Why not create an online shoe website that mirrored the IT business in terms of structure and model?

“I realised we could leverage our existing contacts and experience to build a business selling a commodity that is highly sought after and importantly that I had a real passion for.”

He also said that his buying team have a strong focus on listening to the demands of the Australian market, citing quality and affordability as the two key incentives for consumer purchases.

“Our buyers live and breathe shoes.

"They are the ones that are doing the groundwork and finding the highest-quality shoes that are fashion-forward, on trend and appealing to the Australian market.

“Quality and affordability are the two most important factors for us.

“It didn’t make sense to us that Australians were paying almost double for the same shoes that are readily available overseas.

“Our mission is to sell premium brands at extremely fair prices, opening this market up for everyone.

“Essentially, we only operate online which means we don’t waste a cent on expensive retail stores.”

The Next Pair is currently operated by four childhood friends including Hsu, Andrew Wong, Kristopher Hunt and Ryan McClelland.

The store stocks a range of global brands such as Nuke, Asics, Converse and Vans.

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