Australian outdoor clothing and gear retailer Mountain Designs has unveiled a clothing range made using recycled coffee grounds.

While most coffee grounds end up in landfill, Mountain Designs reused coffee grounds to develop a range of high performance jackets for outdoor wear.

Mountain Designs is one of the first Australian companies to use this technology.

According to Mountain Designs Product Developer Sandra Heidemann, the range was more than 18 months in the making.

“Mountain Designs has always used ethically sourced down but we wanted to go further and not just use natural material but reclaim and re-use waste,” she said.

The sustainable and environmentally friendly range includes men’s, women’s and children’s jackets and vests. The children’s jackets are reversible.

According to Heidemann, the new range is full of features and benefits.

“The innovative insulation is made from a mix of recycled coffee fibre and ethically sourced down providing outstanding comfort and warmth.

“The natural qualities of coffee fibre helps absorb odour which does not release until the item is washed. The result means longer wear without the smell.

“Traditionally, down doesn’t dry quickly. However the coffee fibre dries very fast which means this range will dry quicker than a traditional down jacket,” she said.

The inner and outer linings complete the range.

“The outer lining offers protection from the win and water and 40th anniversary inner lining offers breathability and extra comfort for the wearer,” Heidemann said.

Mountain Designs employs over 350 people in more than 40 stores throughout Australia.

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