• #WeWearAustralian

Australian fashion initiative #WeWearAustralian has launched a direct-to-consumer platform to drive sales for participating brands.

Cofounders Kelly Atkinson and Richard Poulson used their Showroom X website’s existing infrastructure to create the eCommerce platform. According to the pair, participating brands can reach international audiences and ship directly across the globe via the website.

It marks the initiative's third installment of its national marketing campaign to support Australian fashion and retail businesses since launching in 2020.

“We really wanted to re-ignite the #WeWeAustralian campaign based off the back of last year’s success, however looking at the new challenges brands are facing is key to keeping the initiative relevant and purposeful,” Atkinson said. “With the word ‘recession’ being thrown around, we feel the best way to future-proof our brands is to help them into international markets, so the joint campaign imagery and a push for b2b and b2c international is where we have headed with the new concept.

“We have always been ‘Better Together.’ Collaboration and celebration of Australian design is rooted deep in my veins, this initiative is so powerful in so many ways.”

90 brands are taking part in the 2023 campaign including Jac & Jack, ESSE studios, Camilla & Marc, Jordan Gogos, Kourh, Madre Natura, and Nobody Denim.

In 2020 and 2021, the #WeWearAustralia campaign reportedly saw 20 million impressions and raised over $1,700,000 in retail sales among participating brands.

In 2021, the #WWA campaign drove 157,000 in traffic to the #WWA landing page in the first four days. Atkinson said these numbers buoyed her and Poulson to turn its referral landing page into a commerce-based experience.

Supported by the Western Australian Government through Tourism Western Australia, its 2023 marketing campaign is captured by Pierre Toussaint on location in Western Australia’s Great Southern region.

Western Australian talent were used in the campaign, including models Jess Gomes and Billie Jean. Toussaint is also from Western Australia.

Continuing in its partnership, #WWA and supporting brands will be donating $1 per sale to Thread Together.

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