Circular label Upparel has expanded beyond upcycled socks and underwear, launching an upcycled children's sofa. 

The sofa, dubbed Flip Up, is made in Melbourne from recycled textiles and plastic bottles and propels the undergarments business into the $8 billion Australian furniture market.

The sofa uses unwearable clothing and recycled textiles for the cushioning - instead of virgin foam - while the outer cover is made form recycled plastic bottles. 

The sofa comes as Upparel continues its mission of diverting clothing away from landfill, having stopped nearly two million garments from ending up at the dump. 

Upparel CEO Michael Elias welcomed the launch of the Flip Up sofa.

"Everything we do today is for the benefit of the next generation, so it made sense that our very first product was focused on the next generation," he said. 

And in true Upparel style, once families are done with their Flip Up, they can notify Upparel and it will be picked up from their home to be reprocessed into the next product, keeping the sofa out of landfill.  

The Flip Up Sofa is available for pre-order now and comes in four colours - blue, pink, grey and yellow.

The Flip Up retails for $149. 

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