Unreal Fur is set to release an eco-friendly capsule collection of faux fur jackets. 

The range elevates the brand's conscious design ethos and introduces recycled materials to its mission, which has traditionally been based around creating "fur" jackets in a cruelty free way using vegan materials. 

The new range is entirely made from recycled fibres – from the outer shell and the lining, all the way to the puffer wadding – making the jackets both 100% recycled and vegan. 

Unreal Fur creative director Gilat Shani told Ragtrader that the capsule has been a long-time coming. 

"It has taken many seasons of searching to establish the quality fabrics that are both 100% recycled and meet our standards of look and feel.

"Hitting that trifecta (vegan, recycled and quality) in the materials has proven to be a challenge, but each year we are seeing improvement in quality and expanding options when it comes to material made of non-virgin fibres.

"This year, we were certain about all components and are confident that our community will love each of these styles and the ethos they represent. 

"It’s been a goal of ours to design more sustainably for the past few seasons, now we have found the right fabric developers to help make it happen," she said. 

Shani added that the brand aims to eventually create all its pieces using recycled fibres. 

"We started in 2011 with a goal to change the industry’s mindset about faux fur.

"At the time, we were one of the first brands in Australia dedicated to vegan fashion.

"We wanted to prove and succeeded proving faux can match and replace real fur.

"Today, we make everything from faux shearling wool, to vegan leather and puffer jackets – the possibilities are endless.

"This capsule marks a decade of progress not only for Unreal Fur, but for the fashion industry as a whole.

"Each day, more brands join us in making 'a change faux the better,' and now we get to thrive in the recycled fibres space.

"One day soon every style in our collections will be composed of recycled fibres in addition to providing a luxurious alternative to the cruelty of wearing animal furs and skins," she said. 

Unreal Fur's eco-friendly capsule collection is set to launch on June 15. 

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