Tammy Hembrow's Saski Collection was expecting big things from its new Mini and Unisex ranges. 

Speaking to Ragtrader in April, the business said it expected the ranges to sell out within hours. 

However, it didn't sell out in hours. It sold out in two minutes, after 20,000 people went online ahead of the launch. 

Launching on May 6, the unisex and children's lines were both firsts for the brand and were created to meet sustained demand from consumers. 

Saski GM Isabella Laws said that the business is set to release more lines throughout the year. 

"Tammy has been designing a lot of new collections and we can't wait to continue to release them throughout the year," she said. 

The business has also been utilising TikTok to further drive awareness of the brand, with Saski Collection being worn by TikTok creators such as Addison Rae - the sixth most-followed person on the platform with 35.7 million followers - Daisy Keech (4.7 million) and Mariah Amato (1.3 million). 

Laws added that TikTok is a platform that shouldn't be ignored. 

"Tik Tok has more than 800 million active users in more than 141 countries around the world, and now with the enforced isolation courtesy of COVID-19 there will be more people on it more often, so it is a marketing tool that cannot be ignored. 

"One of our main goals this year was to make an impact on TikTok as it opens up a whole new market for us with both influencers and younger audiences.

"It works hand in hand with astute influencer seeding as people have to wear clothes in their video and in today’s climate, it makes sense to wear activewear," she said. 

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