• Eva Engelaer
    Eva Engelaer

Denmark jewellery brand Trollbeads is expanding into wholesale across Australia as part of its strategic development in the region.

This expansion follows the success of the brand in Australia, according to Trollbeads, where it has acquired thousands of collectors since its launch in August 2020 and the opening of its flagship store in Melbourne in February 2021.

The new phase aligns with the appointment of Trollbeads wholesale manager Eva Engelaer, who joined the company in November 2022.

Engelaer has extensive global wholesale experience, selling both fashion and fine jewellery for international brands. Her retail career spans 30 years, beginning at age 17 when she managed her first retail store.

“My aim is to see Trollbeads in jewellery stores right across Australia, and my focus will be on regional Australia - looking at one Trollbeads partner store in every town,” Engelaer said.

“We can also be seen in a number of stores in big cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne.

“I hope to build a family of dedicated stockists who are really going to stock up on our products and really work with the concept.”

The expansion into regional Australia also fits with Trollbeads' plan to work with independent jewellers.

“The most important thing will be building a relationship with these jewellers and that they join in the Trollbead phenomenon,” Engelaer said.

Each Trollbead is unique and collectible, usually chosen because it has a meaning for the consumer. Trollbeads said new customers tend to become fans, collecting beads over years and using them to build their life stories into the bracelets, earrings, and rings they wear.

Engelaer is already working with Consolidated Jewellery Buyer groups and is hoping to bring others on board at Trollbeads’ first trade fair showing in Sydney in March.

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