Swiss watchmaker Tissot has signed an official partnership deal with Sport Australia Hall of Famer Lauren Jackson.

Jackson is a five-time Olympian and four-time Olympic medallist in basketball.

This adds onto Tissot’s nine-year-long partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the official Timekeeper. 

According to Tissot, this new partnership marks a significant milestone for the brand in Australia. 

For the first time, the brand is showcasing one of their female-centric sports partnerships with the WNBA and Wilson as part of a collaboration. 

"Where I invest my time and passion is of paramount importance to me,” Jackson said. “From a young age, I aspired to excel and surmounted every challenge that came my way. 

“Basketball is a sport cherished by both children and adults, many of whom dream of becoming professionals. My ambition is to advance gender equality within the sport.” 

Tissot is sold through over 120 retail doors across Australia, including two owned boutiques and an outlet, alongside stockists such as David Jones and specialty stores. 

The brand also operates a dedicated website for Australia.

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