Tigerlily CEO Adam Wilkinson discusses the shift to local travel and shopping online and how the business will capitalise on these trends. To learn more about the business' integration with Crumpler, be sure to pick up the latest edition of Ragtrader. 

In terms of consumer behaviour, I think that everyone's pretty realistic that it's going to be moving to local travel. 

I think there's going to be a big trend towards local travel. 

So something we're definitely looking at is – we have stores in Byron Bay and Noosa – how we can really maximise those opportunities. 

There is also the trend for people moving into or looking at holiday homes or more coastal towns to work from, now they don't have to work in the city.

I think there's a real opportunity for swimwear and beach lifestyle brands to focus on the Australian domestic market. 

More people will be travelling locally over the next couple of years and I just don't think we'll see the same level of international travel that we have previously. 

But, the seasons don't change and I think people are still going to be buying that attire.

I think people will still be going to the beach but instead of it being Bali it may be that they're going into Queensland or something more local.

We still believe there will be demand but it might be a slightly different approach in terms of consumers' travel behaviour.

I think there's no doubt that many people that may have previously not bought online have opened their eyes to the ease and convenience of online shopping and are feeling more comfortable with it. 

Online growth across any consumer brand business is going to be increased over the next couple of years and probably to the detriment to some extent to bricks and mortar retail - I think that bricks and mortar will probably become increasingly difficult. 

For us it's not just about opening doors, it's about having stores in key locations that represent the brand. 

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