• Ingrid Bonnor - Homebodii founder
    Ingrid Bonnor - Homebodii founder

It's an Australian brand that's viewed on Pinterest 1.2 million times each month. 

And during the pandemic, sleepwear label Homebodii saw sales lift 150%. 

While being in an in-demand category benefitted the business this year, founder Ingrid Bonnor also puts the brand's success down to product personalisation. 

"Homebodii was the first company to offer personalisation in the sleepwear category and we are also the only company to offer this service in-store.

"What is important for us is to listen to what our customers are looking for and to always be the leaders within this field.

"To do this we listened closely to our customers feedback and that has resulted in us giving them more design options and live previews," she said. 

When reflecting on 2020, Bonnor added that other trends including versatility and sustainability became a big focus for consumers. 

"Personalisation yes has been a trend, but there have been many others we have seen over this year.

"With COVID we certainly saw an increase in loungewear and having pieces that go beyond the bedroom.

"It is something we love to create; pieces that our customers can wear dropping kids off to school, going out to lunch or brunch at local cafe or even putting one of our beautiful cami sets with a pair of pants to wear to work or a night out.

"In current times though what our customers loved was being to wear our pieces for Zoom meetings whilst feeling comfortable and looking professional.

"Another key trend we are seeing is the increase for sustainable products," she continued. 

"Consumers are wanting more natural fibres.

"Our range continues to expand with each season and our plan is to have 70% of our range sustainable by the end of 2021," she said. 

Homebodii was established in 2012 in Queensland and operates an online store and a boutique in Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. 

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