Cotton On, H&M and Kathmandu are the top three fashion brands among Australia’s Gen Z market, according to YouthInsights data.

The research firm’s ‘Australia’s Top 100 Youth Brands Report 2023’ claimed Cotton On scored the highest popularity among women (77%), with Kathmandu ranking first among men (58%).

Gen Z’s top brand across all business categories was YouTube, selected by 91% of women and 89% of men. It is the third time YouTube hit the top spot.

In the retail brands category, low-price retailer Kmart secured second place, behind Woolworths and ahead of Coles.

Woolworths ranked first among 81% of men, while Kmart was the choice for women (87%).

YouthInsight, the research arm of Australian student advocacy service Student Edge, conducted its third edition of the report with over 1,000 Australians aged 14 to 24.

As well as top brands, the report collected Gen Z’s top five value attributions, which are ‘best value for money’, high-quality products, ethical actions, sustainability and the offer of student discounts.

"Within specific brand categories, we observe a consistent trend where the leading brands are those that possess a deep understanding of the preferences and motivations of young people,” YouthInsight research director Dr Anna Denejkina said.

“Brands championing ethical values, inclusivity, affordability, and convenience consistently occupy the top positions. Innovation, integrity, and the delivery of high-quality products remain paramount for Gen Z, our largest generation, comprising around 20 per cent of Australia’s population.

“In saying this, brands must consider, collaborate with, and cater to this demographic and its values or risk losing market share.”

Meanwhile, in the sports and fitness category, Nike was chosen at the top brand, followed by Adidas and Converse. Nike ranked highest among women (78%), while Adidas was top among men (72%).

Instagram, Google Maps and Messenger were named as the top three brands in the apps and social media category, with women ranking Instagram highest at 88%.

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