Following last week's backlash over a withdrawn winner of Berlei's Pink Bra Project Design Awards, the retailer has addressed why it has kept the post of the print up on its Instagram account. 

As reported by Ragtrader, the lingerie label came under fire for cultural appropriation, after announcing a print that featured Indigenous iconography as a winner, when the artist was non-Indigenous. 

Since then, both Berlei and the artist, Nicole Onslow, have released statements addressing the situation and apologising for their actions. 

However, the post of Onslow's print remains available to view on Berlei's Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Addressing the possible offence being caused by the post, Berlei updated the caption with why it has chosen to keep the post up. 

"We have considered removing the image on this post that has caused pain, but in doing so would also remove the comments within the post.

"Many of the comments provide valuable context and education, providing an opportunity for us and others to learn and grow from our mistake.

"To that end, we have decided to leave the image up for the time being," the business said. 

In response to the update, Instagram user mori_lives_here suggested that the comments should be preserved while the print should be taken down. 

"There must be a way that the comments can be preserved without this artwork remaining up.

"If you steal something and get caught, regardless of intention, you don't leave it stolen.

"Take it down." 

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