The change of season is the number one reason for 48% of Aussies to purchase new clothes, research from Next Australia has found. 

Seeking to uncover the top womenswear trends for spring/summer, the eTailer found that blue is the top colour for Aussies, with over a quarter of respondents choosing this over all others. 

Black is the only other dominant colour with 21% selecting it as their favourite.

For Gen Z, black is the favourite (23%), followed closely by purple (15%) and green (14%).

"Spring is finally here and it’s time to look forward to some carefree fun as we move away from the cooler months," Next Australia said in a statement. 

"The change of season means a major wardrobe revamp as we update our spring/summer styles to ensure we're donning the latest trends and bold silhouettes," the business said. 

When it comes to fabrics, cool and breathable materials are among the favourites for Australians, with cotton (53%) and linen (19%) rating highly with shoppers. 

Floral prints are also a favourite, with 28% indicating this is a top pick, with Gen Z in particular loving the style and finishing it off with a cropped cardigan (46%). 

Meanwhile, midi and maxi dresses are the popular choice this season, with 25% of women preferring the mid cut look and 23% choosing to go the maximum length.  

A lines and maxi skirts remain hugely popular too, with 18% of women preferring these styles.

Additionally, men and women both highly rate lightweight trench coats, with 22% of men and 26% of women liking this trans-seasonal piece. 

"Our insights that we've uncovered paint a stylish picture on what we should expect in the coming months – in particular as states move out of lockdown," Next Australia added. 

"After (many) spring cleans in lockdown, it’s time to freshen up older styles with new ones," the business said. 


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