Throughout June shopping precinct The Galeries hosted a large-scale sculpture, Light Arc, by Australian contemporary artist, Elliot Routledge. 

To complement the piece the shopping hub also created a mobile game dubbed ArtParts to encourage interaction with the sculptures. Visitors to the centre could use their smartphones to play and win up to $60,000 worth of prizes by scanning QR codes to unlock a puzzle featuring Routledge's artwork.

Interested to know how this activation performed, Ragtrader spoke to The Galeries centre manager Kristy Hoare about the gamified shopping experience. 

How many people played ArtParts? 

We saw more than 3,500 scans and more than 700 entries for our major prizes throughout June.

More than 3,000 prizes awarded, including our instant daily prizes and our major prizes which included a $500 Incu Gift Voucher, $500 Muji Home Makeover, $500 Lotus Dining Voucher and $300 Grounds of the City voucher.

We were really glad to see so many customers coming to The Galeries to get involved in ArtParts and enjoy the unique month-long competition.

What was the consumer response to the art installation and game? 

We know our customers at The Galeries are always looking for new and unique experiences which is why we were excited to bring ArtParts to life.

It was a fun, easy and a free way to engage tech-savvy customers and offer instant rewards and prizes.

Did The Galeries notice an increase in search traffic/website data during June? 

Throughout the month, we saw a slight increase in visitors compared with the previous year.

The brand ambassadors who led the campaign in-centre also helped with more than 1,500 customer interactions during the campaign period.

The impact on digital traffic was also evident with a 2.0% increase in social media interactions and a similar increase in visits to The Galeries’ website.

Does The Galeries have any plans for a similar concept in the coming 12 months?

We’re always looking at new ways to support our retailers and engage our customers through technology.

For now, we’re focussed on our spring/summer campaign for 2019 as well as a couple of other key events including Vogue Fashion Night Out and World Dumpling Day.

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