Cazinc the Label has just launched its eco-conscious linen and bamboo range. 

The brand, which was founded in 2018 by stylist Caroyln Rowland, aims to offer women functional and versatile pieces to help them create a timeless wardrobe. 

"Having worked for over two decades as a stylist, I always tell my customers to invest in quality pieces at a higher price point, as opposed to buying cheap goods that wear and tear easily," Rowland said. 

"Our aim is to break this cycle of fast fashion consumerism, and to showcase to our customers what the lifetime value of a piece can offer you.

"Our ethos is on buying less but buying better on pieces that are timeless, one’s that will keep your wardrobe looking up to date without you needing to buy regularly," she said. 

When it comes to its latest collection, Rowland said that Cazinc wanted to use bamboo and linen for three key reasons. 

"We used a linen base fabric as we wanted to ensure that the fabrics met our high-quality standards, standards we aim to achieve across all our collections.

"Durability of fabrics in the pieces we design is incredibly important to us, and given linen’s high durability factor, it was a natural fit.

"Second, we used bamboo cotton in this collection due to its softness, as well as the sustainability qualities behind the fibre.

"Bamboo grows like wildfire and is a much more environmentally fibre than using a poly blend fabric.

"Both yield the same softness as a fabric, so it was a no brainer to us which one to choose.

"Nodding to slow fashion as well, we like to choose a fabric that can be suitable for many occasions.

"Both linen and bamboo are durable, meaning customers are not only making a conscious choice but are also choosing pieces that will last the test of time," she said.  

Alongside its latest collection, the label also purchases dead stock fabric to use for its draw-string bags that protect its garments. 

"As a brand, we make the conscious choice to purchase deadstock fabric, because if we don’t, these leftover fabrics just end up in landfill," Rowland says. 

"We rescue these deadstock fabrics before they are thrown away and turn them into draw sting bags to protect our garments, as a better alternative to plastic poly bags.

"Even better, these bags can also be used as makeup brushes, clutch bags or perfect for shoes when travelling, extending its life span even further," she said. 

The linen and bamboo collection is available now on the Cazinc the Label website and retails for between $79-$209. 

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