Sol Sana sister brand St. Sana is living up to the success of its predecessor, despite only being in operation since January 2021.

The new brand is clocking 98% sell-through on Revolve and is readying itself to launch across 25 Myer stores nationally. 

St. Sana will also launch into Australian eTailer Showpo in July. 

The reasons for its success with shoppers could be put down to its focus on trending styles and sustainability. 

St. Sana uses recycled polyurethane (PU) leathers and polyester in its shoes and has also made a commitment to use only organic linen and cotton blends. 

Organic variations are grown without introducing toxic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers, and require substantially less water when cultivating. 

"Injecting current trends with a heavy dose of personality, St. Sana channels ‘it-girl’ shapes with unexpected prints, colours and perfectly padded footbeds," St. Sana said on its website. 

"The strong attention placed on the recyclability of materials results in a dramatic reduction in energy and water usage during the production process; all without having to compromise on the superior finishes and buttery softness that come with exceptional quality materials," the brand said. 

Meanwhile, its accessible price point is also cited as a factor in its growth. 

St. Sana's launch range retails for between $75 and $170, while its older sister, Sol Sana's newest collection is priced between $99.95 and $319.00. 

"St. Sana may be the younger sister to the refined Sol Sana, but she embodies the ambition, vigour and energy of youth poised to redefine the future of an industry that can make our planet a safer, healthier place to show off your new shoes," the brand said. 

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