Oroton has become the first Australian fashion brand to launch augmented reality (AR) storefront window displays.

Currently on display at both its Sydney QVB and Brisbane Queen Street Mall pop-up, the AR activations are powered by a super computer that runs complex vision models in real time and renders clothing in 4k resolution.

Through a timed sequence, five of Oroton’s handbag from its latest ‘Lure of Summer’ collection, including the Clara Mini Bag, Colt Small Baguette and Carter Small Day Bag - will automatically appear on the viewer’s body when they stand in front of the screen. They will then alternate between different bags to allow the user to try-on multiple styles.

The AR displays are powered by Zero10 AR Storefronts, and Oroton is the first Australian retailer to try it. They will run until mid-January.

Speaking with Ragtrader, Oroton CEO Jenny Child said the team spent six months bringing this pilot to life.

“We are always working on new and innovative ways to engage with customers and a broader audience and we’re inspired by the evolution of augmented reality in the fashion sector,” Child said. “Through our research, we have seen international brands adopt AR to inspire customers to visit their stores in fun and interactive ways.

“We are proud to be the first Australian retailer to bring this type of externally facing AR mirrors to our market.”

Child said the Zero10 partnership is an investment, with this initial pilot informing Oroton’s future developments. She said both stores are seeing promising results already, with storefront conversion on the rise.

This is being driven by a promotional add-on, where customers will be selected at random by the AR Storefronts across both locations to win an Oroton handbag.

To claim their prize, winners can take a photograph in the mirror with the winning screen and present it to store staff on the same day.

“The feedback from the store teams is that customers are really having fun with it,” Child said. “Especially when someone wins a new bag, which happens periodically throughout the day.

“We are also getting feedback on socials that people are posting and which bags seem to generate the most interest, which are great insights for us as we design our new collections.”

Child said there is so much possibility with AR ahead, particularly with how it can drive effective shopping experiences both in-store and online.

“For now, our focus is on engaging more with customers through the marketing channels and campaigns we already have,” she said. “Let’s see where it takes us.”


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