Australian adaptive fashion eTailer EveryHuman has today launched a new footwear program, Unpaired, allowing Aussies to purchase shoes of different sizes. 

The new service gives customers the choice to purchase just one shoe for half price or both shoes in different sizes or widths. 

The program caters to the 60% of the population who have different sized feet, due to disability, amputation, age, a health issue or biology. 

EveryHuman's footwear offering features adaptive styles that are easy to slip on or off, Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) and orthotic friendly options, and zippered options. 

EveryHuman founder Matt Skerritt said the initiative helps to make fashion more accessible. 

"The launch of Unpaired highlights the need for choice.

"At EveryHuman, we acknowledge every single human on this planet is different and may need one shoe or two different sized shoes.

"We are giving people of all different abilities the choice they deserve.

"Accessibility needs to be considered in all aspects of life. It goes beyond just a ramp.

"This is a huge step forward in making fashion accessible for all," he said. 

To purchase the single or different sized shoes, customers filter their footwear options by 'Single Shoe' to purchase one or two of different sizes. 

The payment and delivery process is the same, and customers can access the customer service team for assistance. 

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