• Photo by Oliver Begg
    Photo by Oliver Begg

Nobody Denim has shored up its commitment to local manufacturing, with the relaunch of its Signature Range. 

The brand's new Signature Range comes in sizes 23-34 and consists of 35 core pieces that will always be made in Australia.

The relaunch of the range follows Nobody Denim's recent wins at the Australian Fashion Laureate, where the brand was recognised in the 2020 Change and Innovation category and was awarded the Sustainable Innovation (Established Designer) award.  

Nobody Denim chairman and co-founder John Condilis said that despite the challenges of local manufacturing, the brand remains steadfast in its commitment to the future of the industry. 

"For 22 years, Nobody Denim has always been dedicated to the craftsmanship of creating denim and to maintaining an ethical and sustainable business with transparency at its core.

"As local manufacturing continues to get more challenging from both a cost and skills shortage perspective, we are committing both to our customers, and to the fashion industry that no matter what, the Nobody Denim Signature Range will always be made in Australia.

"By making that commitment we are ensuring the future of local manufacturing by continually investing in the best and most innovative technologies and the skills of our local workforce to make sure we can keep as much work here as possible," he said.

Condilis added that the relaunch of the Signature Range also delivers an additional positive outcome for the brand, alongside the commitment to local production. 

"With the relaunch of the Nobody Denim Signature Range, we are also making our core product more inclusive with a wider range of sizes which we know is important, especially in denim," he said. 

Nobody Denim manufacturers its garments in Melbourne. 

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