Michael Hill has taken the latest step in its transformation journey, partnering with a new experience management technology provider. 

Following improvements made to its digital experiences - which included a virtual ring builder and the launch of its Brilliance loyalty program - the business is now evolving its retail and people experience. 

Using the technology, Michael Hill will change the way it listens and engages with its 2,200 team members, giving them a new way to offer feedback to the business. 

The jeweller will be able to capture regular qualitative and quantitative feedback from team members at key stages in their employment lifecycle and after significant business moments, with insights supplementing the brand’s annual team member engagement program.

Feedback will be made available to leaders to analyse and act on in real-time.

Michael Hill chief people officer Joanne Matthews said the technology is already making a difference. 

"We had almost 90% of team members respond to our first interaction with them through the operating system, and encouragingly we discovered our current engagement score is 13% greater than the retail industry average.

"Michael Hill’s 'People Promise' – enabling you to realise your potential – and our culture is what sets us apart as an employer of choice and aspirational brand to our teams and customers.

"Delivering this promise is critical to our ongoing transformation. 

"The technology selected will provide us with insights to inform our decision making and gives us the ability to frequently capture and act on feedback in real-time to design new or improve existing team member initiatives, while also ensuring our workforce have the support they need to deliver a great in-store experience. 

"These in-depth insights combined with our new abilities provide the strong foundation for our people experience transformation," she said. 

In addition to its internal improvements, Michael Hill will use the new tech to develop a real-time brand tracker outlining how the brand is performing in individual markets, how it is perceived against competitors, and to identify key drivers for growth. 

Michael Hill chief marketing officer Jo Feeney added that this data will allow the retailer to make more-informed marketing and brand decisions. 

"For us to effectively and consistently position Michael Hill as an aspirational jewellery brand it is essential that we are able to rapidly and regularly track market dynamics, brand perception, and the competitive landscape in each market we operate in.

"With regular access to market insights captured by the technology, Michael Hill will be able to make data-driven decisions that give us a significant competitive advantage by ensuring we align our brand with insights from our customers, and by optimising our marketing investments and strategies," she said. 

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