A Melbourne sports-tech start up has claimed a world first.

Supacore has launched a seamless women's compression range aimed at reducing the cost of injury in sport.

The patented technology claims it can improve core stability and aid with the recovery of hamstring, lower back and groin related injuries.

This is achieved from a unique knitting process that reinforces high stress areas of the body particularly focusing on the core and other key muscle areas.

Global brand manager Keshia Hutchens said innovation is vital to compete.

“The women’s active sports category is very crowded and dominated by major global players, which was why it was imperative that we cut through with our innovation."

The range is available at and consists of technical garments focussing on training, recovery and injury recovery- all developed from the patented technology which was granted this year.

Supacore launched its men’s range in 2015 and is supplying to EPL clubs Arsenal, Chelsea Southampton and QPR, College football in California and various Football teams in Asia.

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