Last week, The Iconic recorded its highest week of sales and traffic for 2020.

As Click Frenzy took over the etail landscape, it wasn't all The Iconic had in the pipeline.

As of today, The Iconic will be transitioning from its current black parcel packaging to white delivery satchels made from 100% recycled plastic - a first from a major ANZ retailer.

Delivering millions of orders each year, the launch represents a significant milestone for The Iconic and its broader sustainability initiatives.

Since 2018, THE ICONIC has been a signatory of the​ Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) and has a five-point packaging target plan as part of its 2022 Sustainability Strategy.

The new satchel initiative marks The Iconic making headway towards its target of transitioning 100% of ​all its shipping packaging to be made using recycled content by 2022.   

Sustainability lead Jaana Quaintance-James said it is an important part of the sustainability strategy.

“​As Australia and New Zealand’s leading fashion and sports destination, we are wholeheartedly focused on our continued commitment to drive positive sustainability an environmental outcomes via our mantra of ‘progress, over perfection’​.

"Packaging is a huge part of our sustainability strategy and after ​a twelve-month search, we’re incredibly proud ​to offer our customers and wider industry an improved satchel alternative.

"Made from 100% recycled materials, it’s a great feeling to know that our new ICONIC satchels have had a previous life, and will continue to do so when recycled properly via REDcycle bins.

"We know we still have more to do to successfully achieve all five of our 2022 packaging targets, and through our progress, we hope to ​encourage other large businesses to recognise their part in driving collective, actionable change.”

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