Australian designer denim label Ksubi has today widened the reach of its 'Kustom' collection, opening it up to channels outside of its own. 

The Kustom line, which was born in 2018, sees the brand create limited-edition, unique pieces – originally for celebrities and musicians such as ASAP Rocky and LeBron James. 

However, in 2020, Ksbui opened the line up to fans to purchase exclusively through its own channels. 

But today, the brand has announced that customers will be able to purchase the collection from selected international retailers including Saks, Nieman Marcus and Kith + Browns.

Ksubi CEO Craig King said the launch marks a significant moment for the brand. 

"Ksubi has a long history of customising products for our artists and performers, creating exclusive one of a kind pieces tailored to the artist's style.

"As such Kustom has only be available to a very exclusive group.

"2022 marks the first time Kustom will be released to the public if only in an extremely limited run.

"Each piece is hand finished and no two pieces are the same, only being available through 18 selected stores globally and on the Ksubi website," he said. 

The limited-edition Ksubi Kustom range features less than 100 units per style with each piece featuring Ksubi’s Kustom stamp of authenticity, hand marked with its own unique number. 

The Kustom range includes tees, denim jackets and jeans created with Ksubi techniques including embroidery, repair stitch, bleach and dye, woven patches and contrast panels. 

The collection is available now and is priced between $99.95 to $999.99. 

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