Kmart has been assessing its eCommerce delivery processes to see if it can make them more environmentally friendly, divisional merchandise manager Natasha Smith has revealed to Ragtrader.

The move forms part of the retailer’s Better Together program, which sees it address environmental and social issues through new initiatives.

The trials for the eCommerce orders are focused on how Kmart can pack and deliver goods in a more environmentally friendly way, Smith said.

"But that’s just one part of the products' end journey in terms of making sure that every step, in every product, in every garment, has the most sustainable choice made; from the material that it starts with and then of course how it gets to stores and customers," she said.

The eCommerce trials follow Kmart’s rollout of eco-friendly garments including a recycled activewear collection and its sustainable spring range. 

Additionally, over the last five years, Kmart has also been working on its involvement in the Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT) initiative.

ACT is a collaboration initiative with other global retailers, brands, workers and unions to implement a sustainable solution to achieving a living wage for garment and textile workers.

As part of this commitment, Kmart is implementing ACT Global Purchasing Practices Standards across its global supply chain.

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