Kathmandu's goal of becoming the 'world's most-loved outdoor brand' is beginning to come to fruition, with the brand announcing a raft of appointments to support the move.

The plan, which has been in motion for some time now, has so far seen a brand refresh and the appointments of CCO Eva Barrett and GM of product Robert Fry.

Now, Kathmandu has appointed Alexandre Gilbert as its GM of international. 

Gilbert is tasked with driving the global expansion of Kathmandu in primary growth markets across Europe, Asia and North America.

Supporting this mission is a growing team of people across key markets including: 

  • Mathieu Lefin, president Rip Curl & Kathmandu, Europe
  • Etienne Lassus, European sales manager
  • Florian Ascher, country manager Rip Curl & Kathmandu, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Max Wallder, UK sales manager
  • Nick Russell, VP sales and marketing Rip Curl & Kathmandu, Canada
  • Eric Eichberger, sales manager Kathmandu, Canada

Additionally, the business has also set up showrooms across Germany, France, the UK and Canada to support its mission of building a global brand and becoming a worldwide leader in the outdoor space. 

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