The JobKeeper payment will decrease today to $1200 per fortnight under the Federal Government's JobKeeper 2.0 plan. 

The payment also splits into two tiers today, with employees working less than 20 hours per fortnight receiving $750. 

These rates will be in place until 03 January 2021, when the rate will once again decrease. 


In order to be eligible for the payment going forward, businesses have to demonstrate that their actual turnovers have significantly declined in the previous quarter. 

The government expects that around four million Australians will have benefitted from JobKeeper payments by the end of the September quarter.

This is then forecasted to fall to around 2.24 million employees in the December quarter and 1.75 million in the March 2021 quarter.  

The decrease in JobKeeper support follows the Australian Bureau of Statistics latest labour force statistics which reported a fall in the unemployment rate to 6.8%. 

This was driven by 111,000 people gaining employment between July and August as hours worked rose 0.1%. 

Employment growth was stronger for females (67,000 people or 1.1%) than males (44,000 or 0.7%) during the period while  hours worked also increased for females (0.2%), with no change for males, and remained around 4.7% and 5.9% below March respectively.

The JobKeeper scheme is set to end in March 2021. 

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