Birkenhead Point Brand Outlet has unveiled a new digital initiative to drive foot traffic to the centre. 

The centre has pivoted to offer its visitor passport – which contains specials deals and exclusive offers – in a contact-free, digital and COVID-safe format in order to reduce person to person interaction. 

Previously only available to those that lived more than 50km away from the centre, the digital visitor passport is now available to locals to use while travel is reduced. 

Speaking on the initiative, the business said that the passport will also give the centre access to customer insights. 

"Being digital this year, there is greater flexibility of offers for retailers; it is contactless and therefore COVID-safe and also more sustainable, given we are no longer printing physical passports.

"From a centre perspective, the data we gain will allow greater understanding of the customers so future offers and initiatives can be tailored to their needs and wants," the business said. 

The centre added that expanding the passport's use to locals will help to drive Christmas trade for retailers. 

"Birkenhead Point typically attracts a high number of tourists and greater-Sydney visitors to the centre.

"Given the current climate, there is a great opportunity to remind locals of the fantastic offering of retailers, while also encouraging them to visit.

"It is important during this time to think local in order to stimulate sales for the centre’s retailers during school holidays and leading into Christmas.

"Looking forward, it is then hoped locals will be reminded to promote the centre to their friends and family when they visit from out of town," the business said. 

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