Lorna Jane has unveiled its new shopping experience at Brisbane City. 

The new store concept, dubbed 'Shop the Look', is inspired by the online shopping experience of scrolling, browsing and transacting and has been in the works for the past five years. 

The online presentation of product demonstrates how to wear an outfit and Lorna Jane suggests that the customer has become accustomed to it and now expects it in-store.

Lorna Jane's Shop the Look concept store presents items in a similar to how they would appear online to help combat indecision paralysis. 

The presentation of product in this way helps the customer visualise how the outfit would go together, instead of looking at folded garments on a table or hanger. 

Lorna Jane founder Lorna Jane Clarkson said that the business is adapting to consumer demands. 

"Lorna Jane was built on retail, but technology is changing consumer habits.

"We must listen to what our customer is telling us, evolve, and invest in innovating our retail offering and in new forms of engagement, otherwise why would she choose to shop in store?" she said. 

The new store also works to educate Lorna Jane consumers of its sustainability initiatives, including the incorporation of recycled fabrics and a ban on single-use plastic bags. 

The store also features Lorna Jane’s ‘First Wear’ offering; an initiative where customers are given the option to take home a never before worn piece.

Clarkson added that the business is thrilled to bring the concept to Albert St Brisbane. 

"The best activewear on the planet deserves a prime location and a premium platform.

"Albert Street is an iconic addition to our retail portfolio, and I’m so excited that our home-state customer will be the first to experience it," she said. 


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