Accent Group's Hype DC has called on nine sneaker fans for its new campaign, Sneakertellers. 

The campaign celebrates sneaker culture in Australia and New Zealand by encouraging enthusiasts to share their sneaker stories and memories.  

Featured among the nine sneaker-loving ambassadors is; recording artist Isaiah Firebrace representing Puma; digital creative Nawal Sari representing Converse; skateboarder Noah Fuzi representing Vans; actor Josh Heuston representing New Balance; and, photographer Yasmin Suteja representing Veja. 

The ambassadors will tell their personal sneaker stories through digital content which will be released throughout April and May. 

Speaking on the campaign, head of Hype DC Liam Robson said that the brand wanted to celebrate the culture around sneakers. 

"Young Australians and New Zealanders have a strong sense of connection with their fashion and sneakers often form a big part of their identity.

"For over 20 years, Hype DC has played an influential role in sneaker culture, as Australia and New Zealand’s leading sneaker destination.

"The Sneakertellers platform celebrates the memories Hype DC has created for consumers through Hype DC’s 'Premium. Limited. Exclusive' sneaker offering," he said. 

Sneaker fans can view the content across the Hype DC socials and website, as well as on each of the Sneakertellers' socials. 

Sneakerteller and Converse representative Nawal Sari added that she enjoyed reflecting on the role sneakers play in her fashion and style sense.  

"Sneakers are a powerful means of self-expression and they play a huge role in my style.

"I’ve really enjoyed sharing my sneaker stories as part of Hype DC’s Sneakertellers campaign," she said. 

To complement the content, Hype DC will release a curated collection of sneakers from brands including Nike, New Balance, Puma, Converse, Vans and Dr. Martens. 

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