International music and fashion icon Beyonce has promoted Australian fashion labels once again, this time being spotted sporting fashion label Acler.

Beyonce was seen on the way to a Broadway musical wearing the brand's Fyffe Bodice, from the current spring/summer collection.

The singer went on to post the outfit on social media platform three times the next day, resulting in a wave of pre-orders.

Acler stated that inquiries have already begun to pour in through social channels, with pre-orders selling 'in droves.'

Update: Acler has since sold out of 'The Fyffe Bodice'.

Acler design duo Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto said they were still in disbelief over the outcome.

“It’s like one of those dreams you never thought possible, these are the moments that make all the hard work and effort worth it.

"Beyoncé is not only an amazing performer but a beautiful and powerful female figure of our time. We are pinching ourselves.

“The Fyffe Bodice has been in such high demand we couldn’t keep up with requests. The style is being recut and will be available via pre order on

It’s amazing the effect one person can have on the world; is it was released only a few weeks ago and already sold out worldwide," Forth said.

This is not the first time the singer has caused record-breaking sales for an Australian brand.

Late last year fashion designer Alice McCall revealed that she sold out of her 'Senorita' dress in just four days, following the singer appearing in the outfit on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

"When Beyonce wore our Senorita dress, it sold out within four days. I recut that in a different colour and got it into our retail stores within an eight-week period," McCall explained.

Image via Instragram: @beyonce

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