Honey Birdette has unveiled its Mardi Gras campaign 'Fluid,' celebrating the LGBTQI+ community and the Sydney Mardi Gras festival. 

The bold campaign features 16 members of the LGBTQI+ community naked and intertwined with their bodies painted in pride colours. 

The Fluid campaign features a diverse range of participants with different sexualities, identities, ethnicities, ages and cultures.

Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan and her wife Natalie Monaghan also took part in the campaign shoot alongside the other members.

Monaghan said that she expects the campaign to ruffle some feathers. 

"We certainly will cause a stir, but I still don’t see the difference between a female and male nipple," she said. 

As part of the celebrations, Honey Birdette will donate $10,000 to QueerScreen, a nonprofit organisation that empowers sexualities and gender identities through queer storytelling on screen. 

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