• Photo Credit: Nicole Cleary
    Photo Credit: Nicole Cleary

82% of Australians wear activewear either for exercise, at home or as casual wear, new research from yogurt brand Chobani indicates. 

Chobani Australia’s ‘Actual Wear’ survey spoke to 1,237 Aussies to find out how they actually wear their activewear. 

The survey came off the back of the brand's biggest on-pack promotion, which offered shoppers the chance to instantly win 1 of 25,000 pieces of Chobani active wear. 

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that 38% of respondents were wearing activewear more often since COVID hit, while 40% reported that they wear activewear most days, if not every day. 

The survey found that Aussies wear their activewear more often around the house (30%) than for exercise (20%) or being out and about (14%).

Chobani Australia MD Lyn Radford said that the brand was inspired to learn more about activewear usage as it developed its on-pack campaign. 

"Throughout COVID-19, we noticed a shift in purchasing habits as people working and exercising from home was changing the way consumers bought our products.

"As we began to develop Chobani activewear for our biggest on pack promotion, we became interested in how COVID had also changed the way Aussies wear their active wear, leading to the first ever Actual Wear Survey," she said. 

Interestingly, 30% of respondents also indicated that they are more inclined to make healthier eating choices while wearing activewear. 

Other highlights from the findings include that 98% of respondents said that comfort is a major factor in the purchasing decision of activewear, while looking good in it is also a consideration for 64% of people under 40. 

Geographically, the survey found that the states hit hardest by COVID were the ones who embraced activewear dressing more. 

44% of people in Victoria have been wearing active wear more often since COVID – higher than the rest of the country, while 66% of people in NSW/ACT wore their active wear to go shopping in the last 12 months.

Outside of exercising and wearing it at home, going shopping (60%), going to a cafe or restaurant (30%) and picking the kids up from school (64%) were some of the most popular activities respondents were doing in their activewear in the last 12 months.

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