• Marnie Goding - Elk co-founder and creative director
    Marnie Goding - Elk co-founder and creative director

Following the release of its third annual Transparency Report, Elk co-founder Marnie Goding has revealed to Ragtrader three key areas where the business has made significant progress. 

The report, which is released each year and reflects on the year previous' progress, reveals how the business has improved its operations across energy, packaging, materials and social initiatives.

Goding said that three milestones that the business has achieved in its mission to purse transparent fashion are: 

  1. The transition to renewable energy generated from our own buildings through the installation of solar panels and purchasing carbon neutral energy for other building.

  2. Eliminating single use plastics almost entirely with the major change seen in replacing bulk apparel packaging with paper-based options.

  3. Seeing changes in approach and understanding from some of our traditional, more old school suppliers who are now working more consciously and with greater consideration for the environment.
    They are working and thinking in an entirely different way, this is first, second and third tier change influenced by us pushing them to transform along with us.
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