Department store chain David Jones has signed on a new retail media partner to power the online component of its retail media division, David Jones Amplify.

The partnership with Criteo is expected to drive the 186-year-old department store’s presence in a multi-billion-dollar market

As part of the deal, brands and advertisers can now activate online retail media campaigns, such as sponsored product ads on relevant search, category and department pages on the David Jones website to increase product visibility and sales. 

Brands can also connect advertising to actual SKU-level sales outcomes across devices and channels.

David Jones CMO James Holloman called it a strategic partnership.

“This collaboration will allow brands to connect with David Jones premium audiences across the digital media ecosystem,” Holloman said. “David Jones Amplify powered by Criteo will drive maximum return on investment and digital marketing effectiveness for our brands as we enable them to target customers based on retail behaviours with their marketing messages.” 

There are also plans to expand the partnership to activate offsite advertising for endemic and non-endemic brands - or brands that already have a relationship with David Jones, and those that don’t.

Offiste advertising is performed outside of a business’ assets. 

Retail media is estimated to be worth around $1 billion according to PwC, with the figure set to triple by 2026. 

According to Holloman, it has been a trend of some time - “particularly looking into the future where we're facing a cookieless world.”

“Having first-party data and understanding your core customers, and the audiences that people are trying to communicate to is critical. And it's really retailers that are sitting on the biggest pool of first-party data, who can actually use that to understand that final attribution - that final sale.”

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