American former professional boxer Mike Tyson has sued Australian streetwear retailer Culture Kings for using his likeness to sell t-shirts without his permission, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. 

SMH reports that documents lodged with the NSW Federal Court allege the retailer sold a range of clothing branded with phrases such as 'Mike Tyson', 'Iron Mike', and 'Kid Dynamite' without his permission. 

According to the report, Tyson has owned the international trademark for 'Mike Tyson' since 2010.

The documents state that the clothing was sold alongside other official merchandise on the Culture Kings website, giving consumers the impression that the products were approved by Tyson, which was not the case. 

Tyson alleges that this is false and misleading conduct. 

SMH reports that Tyson is seeking losses and damages, an injunction preventing Culture Kings from selling the merchandise in question, and to be paid all profits made by the retailer from the sale of the offending apparel.

Searches for 'Mike Tyson' on the Culture Kings website now returns no product results, however SMH reports that when it published its story, the apparel was still listed on the website and appeared available in some stores. 

Culture Kings has been approached by Ragtrader for comment. 

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