Rhodin Collection founder and designer Alex Nieuwenhuys discusses how her small label was impacted when Carrie Bickmore wore a pair of the brand's earrings on The Project. 

In the last few months we have placed greater emphasis on PR and securing product placement opportunities for our products.

While there is obviously a huge attraction to social media marketing, we wanted to ensure we were covering all bases in order to achieve maximum reach for our products.

While fickle, the outcomes of successful product placement can be extremely rewarding.

In our efforts to secure product placement opportunities, we managed to see Carrie Bickmore wear a pair of Rhodin Collection earrings on The Project.

Our earrings coupled with Carrie debuting a brand-new haircut, caused a 40% increase in Instagram followers overnight, a 510% increase in website visitor traffic and a 523% increase in unique visitors to our website.

We were absolutely inundated with orders for this particular style of earrings whilst also driving up overall sales by 72% when compared to the previous month. 

However, business demand curves have definitely shifted and customer response times to sales call to actions have been more delayed than usual.

There is definitely an environment of considered purchasing due to the current economic climate in Australia.

However, when comparing month to month unique visitor levels and sales revenue, it is clear that there has been a change in customer sentiment.

Our UV’s were down by 15% in the month of September, with revenue sitting at 46%, but as states opened up and national cases of COVID declined, our UV’s for October have increased by 120% and revenue by 160%.

This change could definitely be attributed to the easing of restrictions, with most of the population now allowed to attend small scale events and restaurants, whilst also factoring in the transition into the warmer months when consumers naturally update their wardrobes shifting from winter into summer wear. 

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